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    Unanswered: onbar with veritas


    I want to backup my data base with ONBAR using the system manager NETBACKUP of VERITAS. My question is : What can i modify in the script ? (un Example ).

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Please read this:

    To configure a third-party storage manager
    1. Set ON-Bar configuration parameters and environment variables.
    2. Configure the storage manager so that ON-Bar can communicate
    correctly with it. For information, see your storage-manager
    3. Configure your storage devices.
    To configure your storage devices, follow instructions in your storage-
    manager documentation. The storage manager must know the
    device names of the storage devices that it should use.
    4. Label your storage volumes.
    5. Mount the storage volumes on the storage devices.
    6. Update the storage-manager definition in the sm_versions file. For
    more information, see “Updating the sm_versions File” on page 3-5.
    7. Verify that the BAR_BSALIB_PATH configuration parameter points to
    the correct XBSA shared library for your storage manager. For more
    information, see “Specifying the Location of the XBSA Library” on
    page 3-9.
    After you configure the storage manager and storage devices and label
    volumes for your database server and logical-log backups, you are ready to
    initiate a backup or restore operation with ON-Bar.

    And suggets that look in Backup and Restore Guide.


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