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    Question Unanswered: HELP? Space available: 0MB when ...

    displaying the property of a database? What does it mean?

    I am sure when this happens but now when I right click on a database and
    select property, the space available= 0.00MB.

    I still have physical space on the server.

    When viewing the taskpad.

    Space allocated:

    data 5500MB used, 1700 MB free
    log 15MB used, 300 MB free

    Please help. Thank you

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    if i remember something i read correctly, the database files are set to a certain size upon creation. any space that isn't used by working data is filled up with empty pages.

    If the database isn't storing any more data, then it must be full. In this case you would need to set it to automatically grow when it gets full.

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    I forgot to add that the data file and log file are set to automatically
    growth by 10%.

    Any other thoughts. Thanks

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    For a database that size, I would set it to a flat growth rate (say 10 or 50MB, depending on how fast it grows). As for Enterprise Manager. I have not trusted the numbers it generates for a long time. I would not worry too much over it.

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