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    Unanswered: Change password for SYSDBA - Oracle 9i

    Can anyone tell me how to setup the password for SYSDBA ? I've tried ALTER USER SYS as well as ALTER ROLE SYSDBA (it is apparently not a role) and other commands like that. I've read quite a part of the Oracle documentation but haven't found the document/section dealing with that matter. I seem to be able to change every other password, but not the one for SYSDBA : when I connect as sysdba, I just strike ENTER and I'm connected. For now I'm in development phase so it is not much of a problem, but I want to change this absolutely before we enter the production phase.

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    SYSDBA is NOT a schema/user; as such password can't be changed 'cuz it does not exist
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    this should help.
    goto the passwordfile area.
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