I'm working with dates and displaying all of the info from the table for a specific date range.

Here is the formula how i did it

month({cgs_time_vacation.hire_date}) in month({?start_date})
to month({?End Date}) and
day({cgs_time_vacation.hire_date}) in day({?Start_Date})
to day({?End Date})

as you can see I'm not looking at the year,
it is irrelevant for what I'm trying to do.
The problem becomes when I enter in for example
date(2004,07,31) for the start date
and date(2004, 08,04) for the end date.

the formula seems to ignoring the date range and I get the results for both months outside of the date range that I specified.

I could not find the function that I should use, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.