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    Unanswered: Help with Parsing Access Field

    I have an access database that has multiple entries with the following information. I want to parse just the CounselingType field. For example,

    AgencyID (1)
    CounselingType (PostPurchase, PrePurchase, Rental)

    AgencyID (2)
    CounselingType (PostPurchase, PrePurchase, Rental)

    What query would give me the following information that I could put in a new table:

    AgencyID (1) CounselingType (PrePurchase)
    AgencyID (1) CounselingType (PostPurchase)
    AgencyID(1) CounselingType (Rental)

    AgencyID (2) CounselingType (PrePurchase)
    AgencyID (2) CounselingType (PostPurchase)
    AgencyID(2) CounselingType (Rental)

    Any help or sample queries would be greatly appreciated!


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    Parsing fields in queries is not difficult but your example is not clear. If you care to post a sample, I would look at it.

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