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    Unanswered: combo box in frame control

    it's me again. i have a problem where a create a frame control on my form. inside the frame control i place the combo box. basically, the coding to add item in combo box are:
    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Combo1.AddItem "One"
    Combo1.addItem "Two"
    Combo1.AddItem "Three"
    but how is the coding if the combo box is place in the frame control? if the coding is same or a bit different?

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    The coding is the same if the combobox is in the frame control or directly on the form.

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    cmbo box in the SSTab?

    now, i place the frame control in the SSTab. in the frame control there are 2 combo box. one combo box with the item that i mention in the last thread. i had additem in the combo box but when i run the form, i drag-down one of the combo box but it doesn't display anything. why??

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