Ok, I am not the best with VB but I am trying.
I know you can have "Input box" and you can create pop up message boxes and submit data that way as well.

I have a case where I need to alter some code,the code is already using "inputbox",that is all working fine and I could continued that way,one input pops up-submit,another pops up -submit and so, and I have tried that as well,working like a dream.

Since I need to create this like a sequence and ideally this message input box I am trying to create should have a free form combo box,using only the "input box" will not get me there.
Hope that makes sense.

So I need to create a form that has everything I need and then call it.

My question is, is there a way that I can for the first input use the "input box" and for the second input to call the form, and how would you do that, some sample code would help as well.

thanks a lot to all