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    Unanswered: Long integer

    Hi all,
    I have a table called products.
    One of the table fields is Good_Product,It is Long integer data type.
    I'm trying to save in this field numbers as long.
    When I'm writing to its textbook in the form the number e.g :65653 Access throws the exception "Over flow".
    What can be the problem.
    best regards...

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    Search the access help...

    It is becuase that field type cannot store anything above a certain value (not sure which is how much... search the access help)


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    65653 limit is just past the limit of a standard Integer which is 65535. If the table field is Long integer then make sure that the form's text box is also long integer, as well as the variable if you are using one to store the control value. Also, integers cannot be specified with decimal points. This must be checked in both the form and the table. Table designs may ignore this but forms do not and will trigger an error on update. Somewhere, your definition is wrong. Also, make sure that the default value of the field is 0. This is important when you assign the value to a variable that's declared as any kind of number.

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