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    I have two tables (Machines,Data)
    1. Machines has the field Machine_Name
    2. Data : has fields which commone to all the machines.
    I put in the Data table a foreign key which linked to the machines table, (thats mean that each machine may has data for different days.)
    My question is: How I can build a form,that I fill in the proper fields to the machine.
    I mean,that in the same form I'll type different data to differents tables. e.g:
    machine 40 : parts =400 Machine 42: parts=349
    How also I can calculate values from the parts field according to the right machine.
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    What you wish to do is standard database work but your description is very vague. In general, create a main form for the machine and a sub form for the parts. When linked, you can select one machine with many parts. To operate on the parts' numbers, you will have to learn more about form and textbox design and data manipulation. A clearer description is essential and if you wish, post a zipped sample db so that we may provide you with some guidance.

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