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    Unanswered: runa script from a .sql file

    Hi guys,

    I have two queries:

    1.How can I run a query from a file,as in oracle we can use @'file'; in sql.
    If I have an .sql file how can I run this.

    2.In oracle there is sequence which can be used to create auto numbers,THese can be cyclic,ie: we can tell it to start from 1 and end at 1000 and cycle again from 1 to 1000,and so on.Is there any equivalent as this other than the serial or serial8,I think this cannot be cycled back.

    THanks and Regards

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    not sure what you are trying to do?
    To run an sql file just do
    dbaccess database_name file_name.sql
    If you want to increment the numbers use a unix util "expr"

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