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    Angry Unanswered: 2 Reports From Same Data Base Different Number Of Records

    Hi There

    What it is i have 2 reports linked up to the same database but one of them is reading a different amount of records.

    I have a {Fuel DB} link to {Fuel againt Costcentre DB} Which is linked a {company structure DB}

    {Fuel DB}--Linked Via Fuel Card No.--->{Fuel Against CostCentre DB}-----Linked Via CostCentre---->{Company Structure DB}

    One of the reports is a drill down report which is reading the right number of records the other is a Flat report which is the one that is reading the wrong amount of records ( It's reading 19 more records than what is in the {Fuel DB}) I'v check the {Fuel Against CostCentre DB} to see if there is any duplicate entrys in it but there is not a single one. The Selection Formula
    are the same, i just dont know what it could be

    Has any one had this problem before or anything like it, hope some one can help



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    The only time I have seen this problem it has been caused by the type of link used between tables.

    If you go into the visual linking expert under the database option on the menu and click on the link, it is by default an equal link. (ie: a one to one link).

    Make sure you are using the correct left outer or right outer joins where one table contains multiple records.

    Hope that this helps


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