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    Question Unanswered: grant on db.* except 2 tables ???

    Hi there,

    Does someone know if there's some trick to grant to a user 'SELECT' privilege
    to all tables of a db except 3 ?

    My problem is that this database contains lot of tables and I don't want to grant per tables right (NB. this user should be able to use 'SELECT' on new tables that I could create).

    So what I am looking to do is smth like that (but EXCEPT doesn't exists):
    GRANT SELECT ON db.* EXCEPT db.table103, db.table104, db.table105 TO user@'1.2.3.%' IDENTIFIED BY 'pwd'.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback !

    PS. mysql -V = 4.0.12

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    My first thought would be to move those two tables into their own database.


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    thx for your reply Pat but I can't move them in an other db (needed to combine w/ other tables in the db).

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