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    Talking Unanswered: osql utility

    Hi all
    I am using osql utility in sql server 2000 to convert data in database to excel sheet. My datas contain both english and chinese . While converting to excel sheet english datas are comming but the datas in chinese is comming like (?) this. Does any body has any idea to solve this problem. is there any way to set font in osql utility.
    Note: I tried giving chinese font in excel still it is not working.
    Its really urgent pls reply
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    UPS and FedEx generally will not accept SQL packages, Airborne does, but only on Saturdays and only if submitted by 5pm with proper labeling and a co-signature from Popeye. USPS will NOT accept packages for any reason unless accompanied by a sworn statement from a local official attesting that nothing dangerous has been included in the package.

    What kind of package are you talking about????

    Sorry for the poor attempt at humor; it's Friday and I'm ready to be out of here for the weekend...



    Quote Originally Posted by sajusv
    Hi all
    can we create packages in sql server? Reply
    Have you hugged your backup today?

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    Sounds like you are talking about something like an Oracle package. In SQLServer or Sybase (T-SQL) you don't need a package. If you are looking for SP's and functions SQLServer has them. In fact most stuff you would do in Oracle is far easier in SQL (IMO). One example: to return a recordset in a SQLserver SP is as simple as writing a SELECT statement and done.

    Maybe if you can explain the need you have for a package we can help.

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