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    Unanswered: crosstab query error

    A cross tab query I have been using to total purchases by adding up the individual quantities in a single invoice and then summing all the invoices has stopped running with the error that there are two many crosstab fields(254) .
    Now I can see that there might be a limit of 254 set somewhere for the number of fields but how do I make that larger? Or is this a limit set in Access? In that case I will have to rewrite the queries which I don't want to have hanging over me on a Friday morning.

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    slightly suprised by your 254 field limit: i thought that A's limit was 255 fields in a query.

    ...assuming that one more field is not going to make your day - it's a rewrite for you.

    happy weekend

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    actually the error said 254 collums was all it could handle so with the referenced field added that would make 255 fields.
    Well I was able to rewrite the all queries in just under 2 hours so I get to go home early today after all. Lesson learned about the crosstab!

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