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    Unanswered: db2 force command


    There is an issue we are having where we are trying to run an off-line backup and due to the fact that the DB2 force application is asynchronous, when the backup command is issued, the force has not completed, therby killing the backup. We have tried to increase the wait time (25 seconds sleep) between the force and the backup start, but keep running into this issue.

    Any ideas?? Increase the sleep time to even longer?


    Script bkup.ksh started at 04:00:06
    Backup options passed: db2test TEST
    Offline backup assumed.....

    Auth Id Application Appl. Application Id DB # of
    Name Handle Name Agents
    -------- -------------- ---------- ------------------------------ -------- -----
    DB2 ibmdb 97 *LOCAL.db2test.0E0912135434 TEST 1
    DB2 ibmdb 11 *LOCAL.db2test.0209F2135313 TEST 1
    DB2 ibmdb 23 *LOCAL.db2test.0602F2142938 TEST 1
    DB2 ibmdb 139 *LOCAL.db2test.0C0E52135434 TEST 1
    DB2 ibmdb 57 *LOCAL.db2test.0A0A12135352 TEST 1
    DB2 ibmdb 110 *LOCAL.db2test.040A52135313 TEST 1
    DB2 ibmdb 76 *LOCAL.db2test.060632130044 TEST 1
    DB2 ibmdb 8 *LOCAL.db2test.000F12130043 TEST 1

    DB20000I The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.
    DB21024I This command is asynchronous and may not be effective immediately.

    SQL1611W No data was returned by Database System Monitor. SQLSTATE=00000
    Backup for TEST started at 04:00:32
    Invalid RC from TSM on TEST - 4
    SQL1224N A database agent could not be started to service a request, or was
    terminated as a result of a database system shutdown or a force command.


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    Are you getting a connection in the same script and not terminating ?

    If you have a connection open, and the corresponding db2 server process if forced off, the client process does not know of this termination ... Hence, the next time it tries to use the db2 process, it terminates abnormally with sql1224n ...

    So, in case you are creating a connection, make sure to terminate it before doing the force applns or before backup ...

    If you think this is not your problem, just retry the backup command and it should work now

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    I added a db2terminate to the script just after the force command and before the backup command.

    It seems to be working okay now. I will do a couple of more tests.

    Thanks again!

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