We are migrating all the access 97 databases to access 2003. In this regard I have the following queries.

1. Is there a good link/resource which helps us in the process of Access 97 to 03 migration

2. Is there a specific mailing list in the related areas of Access migration

3. I have tried to use VBA code to transfer the database objects in access 97 to access 2003 using DoCmd.transferdatabase for tables/queries/forms/macros/modules. However, I was not able to export/tranfer relationships in the database. I am not sure if this is the correct way of copying all the access structure /data to an Access 2003 database.

Also is the there a sample code in VBA/VB that exports(copies) All the objects/relations/everything for that matter from a password protected Access 97 to Access 2003.

As for now my approach for the migration is :

1. Convert each secured(password protected) Access 97 db to Unsecured Access 97 db.
2. Convert each unsecured Access 97 db to Access 2003 db.
3. Resolve the issues in the conversion process.
3. Apply again the security(password protection)

Please suggest me a good approach if the above isn't a correct approach