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    Unanswered: Parsing City, State Zip Column in Access

    Hey Everyone:

    I have a column for about 1700 records that contains data that looks like this:

    San Diego, CA 92115

    I want to split that data into 3 seperate columns: one for city, one for state, and one for zip. What kind of SQL or Access query would do that for me?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Florida, US
    is all your records ends with XX XXXXX format? I mean like Fl 33347. it could be more easy if that was the case.

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    Address Parsing Reponse

    Yes, they are all in that format

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    If it's the 2 char state code and 5 char Zip then it's easy. For safety's sake create a duplicate address field and update it with the same values as the original field (address, state zip) just in case you make a mistake. This 2nd field will end up as the street address field.

    In short:

    [Address1] field (as the backup)
    [Address2] field (same values as above)
    [State] field 2 chars
    [Zip] 10 characters (text not number and for ZIP+4 when needed)
    Update [Zip] with Right$([Address2],5)
    Update [Address2] with Trim(Left$([Address2], (Len([Address2])-5)))
    Update [State] with Right$([Address2],2)
    Update [Address2] with Trim(Left$([Address2], (Len([Address2])-2)))
    [Address2] will become the new Street address field

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