Good Day,

I'm in kind of dillema here, need help urgently ( as i starts to pull my hair out!)

I was running sybase 5.504 SQL ANYWHERE on windows NT 4 SP6. everything was fine. ( This server has been running for more than 5 years nonstop! and without any problem at all!) And my front end application are developed using power builder enterprise 6.5 ( with ebf update of 6.5.1)

Pentium II 366 10GB Hard disk with 256MB RAM
db config is -xtcpip -c 64M

current access is 5 user.

recently due to specific requirement ( a usb device needed to install on the server) we have to upgrade the server to newer machine and newer OS. the new installation is :

Pentium IV 2.8 on hypertread motherboard, 1024MB RAM DDR 400 and 80GB Hard disk. OS : windows XP Pro.

db config is -xtcpip -c 512M

the problem is:
not one singe thing have change on the client but when comissioned the sql server on the new machine, what used to be ( let's say 1sec time of db_fetch has become more than 20sec!) it doesn't speed up but on contrary it slow down the entire process until a very frustrating time! current access is 5 user.

i've even rebuilt the database but does not help! worse still rebuilding has cost some problem with the user access right of the table ( this has been fixed anyway)

PLEASE!, could someone help me ! did i do anything wrong or something that i did not do? i've been playing with the db configuration ( add stack memory size, page meory size etc for four days! none has been able to work!)