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    Hi all
    I am using osql utility in sql server 2000 to convert data in database to excel sheet. My datas contain both english and chinese . While converting to excel sheet english datas are comming but the datas in chinese is comming like (?) this. Does any body has any idea to solve this problem. is there any way to set font in osql utility.

    set @x = 'osql -S servername -U username -P password -q "select * from

    northwind..region" -w 3000 -s "," -o C:\Download\download.csv'
    This is what i have used.
    Note: I tried giving chinese font in excel still it is not working.
    Its really urgent pls reply

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    Have you tried using the -u parameter of OSQL.EXE to force Unicode output? That would be needed for Chinese characters.


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    Exclamation Excel

    What version of Excel are u using Have u turned on Multilingual

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