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    Smile Separate Database or Schema

    Dear All,

    We have developed and deployed an ERP in a pharmaceutical company. Now a separate division has been created and has the applicability of most of the modules in the ERP but with 10 - 30% dissimilarities in the business processes. I am heading the project and in a Dilemma.

    Pls. guide me on the following -

    1. When should we create a new database.
    2. When should we create a new schema.
    3. When should I add a new table in the same schema.
    4. When should I add additional columns in the existing tables.



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    I just love RFH postings!

    1) Add a new database when the boss tells you to
    2) Create a news schema if there are seven or more tables in your present schema
    3) Add a table to the existing schema when a new entity is added to your application (but also see #2)
    4) Add new columns to the tables when the columns that exist won't hold new data.


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