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    Question Unanswered: Oracle 8i ODBC error Option Value changed

    hello !! i have an VB application that used to access data from my Oracle 7.3 database using Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver.My database was recently migrated to Oracle 8i and when this VB application tries to access data using ORACLE ODBC driver , i get this error : run time error"ORACLE ODBC Error Option Value Changed !! PLEASE HELP !!

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    Please Change the Net Configuration Assistant


    I am not going to the deep of the problem. But the client side installation of the Oracle8i cliencts are necessary. In Oracle 8i clients when we configure net 8 configuration assistant it ask for oracle 7 or Oracle 8 / 8i type of server. There is upgradation of how to access data from the database in Oracle 8/8i . Please make the necessary changes . And write back if problem occurs .
    G J Shankar Nath
    IT Consultant, Vedswasti Services Pvt. Ltd

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