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    User Group Help

    Hi guys

    I,m trying to design a User-Group database schema, and here,s what I have so far ...

    However, this is all very good, but if there are more than 10 sections to a website and i,m assigning each of the following permissions to each section...


    Then thats allready 40 permissions, imagine how complicated its going to get. I was thinking about creating another table and having a basic set of permissions and grouping these together.

    What do you guys think?

    Any idea's?


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    Hi again

    Here is what I have so far ...

    And here is how I see it working...

    A user registers.

    Site admin can assign the user to any number of UserGroups (Admins, Reviewers, News writers, News readers etc).

    A module is a particular area of the website (Admin, Forums, News, Articles, Reviews etc).

    Once a module has been named, it needs a set of Permissions assigned to it, so when a page loads which is part of a particular module, the page knows what permissions it needs to check for (ModulePermissionsAvailable - View URL, Read, Edit, Delete, Post, Edit Own, Edit, Delete Own, Delete All, All etc, etc).

    Permissions will be grouped by name (Admin, User, Moderator, etc, etc).

    Now I,m just unsure of how to finish it, each UserGroup must be able to have any number of Permission Groups assigned to a particular Module.

    How do I do this?

    Is there an easier way I havnt spotted, or am I making it to complicated?

    Any thoughts/tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

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