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    Unanswered: WRiting vb in excel

    writing VB in excel
    I'm farely new to vb. I'm trying to write some code in an Excel spreed sheet for a staffing model. Here is my scenario. I have 4 columns: rank, hire ability, hires and number hired. There are for sites. I'll call them blue,red, green and yellow. I want put a number in hires and then have the sheet calculate based on rank. The hirability determines the number of staff that can be hired in each site. I want hire 100 and the hire ability for each site is 25 then the number hired for each site would be 25. I need it to place the number available in rank 1 and then loop through the other 3. I would need a remainder box if after all sites are filled there are still some left.


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    ???? maybe you should try the Excel forum

    currently using SS 2008R2

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