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    Unanswered: Informix (using Onbar) with Legato question

    We are backing up our Informix database using the Onbar command and Legato's NetWorker Backup tools. Currently we are backup up our logical logs directly to a tape device but we would like to have them go to disk first and then we would back up that directory to tape nightly.

    Is anyone else taking this approach and, if so, how are you doing it?

    This is a key issue in our company and I am anxious for someone with experience in this area.

    dennis beausoleil 617 886-4556

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    Set the LTAPEDEV parameter in the ONCONFIG file to your local hard disk, take the backup. Then shift the backup to tape.

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    Create a device on disk


    LTAPEDEV is used with ontape NOT WITH ONBAR.

    In Legato ( as in Informix Storage Manager which is built on the source code of Legato ) you can define a backup device on disk.

    Install the Informix script as your ALARMPROGRAM parameter in the onconfig file of the instance from which you want to backup the logs and restart the instance.

    If you work with a Network version of Legato and you only run a client on the machine where Informix runs you will allways have the Legato catalog if something happens with your machine.

    Make sure you make an offsite copy of the ixbar.servernum file ,
    you need this file to do disaster recovery.
    If the Legato server runs on the same server as Informix make sure you have an offsite bootstrap backup - and log ( think its called daemon.log ).
    In there is an overview of the objects backed up and the relates Legato saveset id's (SSID).

    Good luck


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