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    Unanswered: Querying data in two columns


    I'm hoping that this is easy. It seems like it should be easy, but for some reason, I'm stumped.

    I inherited a database with a table that includes two columns. One column is labled "DateofFailure" and the other is labeled "DateofRepair". There are over 12,000 records in this table and there are a number of records where the Date of Repair entered in is BEFORE the Date of Failure that is entered in.

    Now, I know that we're not conducting experiments in Clairvoyance, so I know that it's impossible to repair something that hasn't failed yet. So, how can I filter or construct a query that will tell me which records have a Date of Repair that is earlier than a Date of Failure? So that I can clean this database up!


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    Have you tried a where statement in your query? Such as:
    Where [Date of Repair] < [Date of Failure]

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