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    Unanswered: Log Archival on TSM server

    Hi all,

    We have udb ver 8.1 on aix and want to turn on USEREXIT to archive logs on tsm server.

    In sample/c folder I see a program called db2uext2.ctsm
    I changed the /u folder to 'instance home dir' and
    DSMI_DIR, DSMI_CONFIG, DSMI_LOG entries are made in db2 profile.
    Compiled the program and put it in sqllib/adm directory.
    I can do full backup on TSM server.
    but its not archiving the logs to tsm using db2uext2.ctsm program.
    Does anyone know what to change in this db2uext2.ctsm file in order to archive it properly on tsm server. The programs documentation is little confusing.

    Also how do I clean up the archieved logs? or does db2 take care of deleting these logs.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    The executable should be called db2uext2 (no extensions) and should be in sqllib/bin or sqllib/adm directory ...

    a) Is AUDIT_ERROR_PATH accessible ...

    b) Is the dbm cfg management class same as MGMT_CLASS in the db2uext2 script ?

    3) Add the following statement under heading “Initialize the send object parameters”
    - objectAttr.mcNameP = MGMT_CLASS ;
    just below line “objectAttr.objCompressed = bFalse ;”

    The default IBM provided userexit removes the logfile from the logpath ... So you need not clean up the log files ...

    Let me know if this helped

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    Hello J,

    I presume you've set USEREXIT to on! My environment variables are set like this:


    There should be a file called dsierror.log in $DSMI_LOG. This will show any low level API errors.

    To check that userexit is being invoked correctly and that your DB2 has the correct environment, you could create a shell script called db2uext to replace the binary you compiled containing something like :-

    echo $* >> /tmp/userexit.out
    set >> /tmp/userexit.out

    The issue a 'db2 archive log for db xxx' and check /tmp/userexit.out

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks Sathyaram,

    From you solution 'a' and 'b' were already set.

    I added objectAttr.mcNameP = MGMT_CLASS as per your suggestion and compiled again. And its working now?

    Any idea why we have to add that line?

    Also I want to do archival logging to TSM for one of my other database
    that has 4 logical nodes using 8.1 on AIX?

    Do I have to do anything special for it?


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