Using access we need a form/screen accessable over a private network by anyone auto-logged into the DB with a "User" account (no Update or Delete privs).

There needs to be...
1) A print button to print of a report based on the record they are currently looking at
2) A way to either goto the last record, or only show a new record

1) The Access webpage functionality: awful at best, gives security errors when it loads, sometimes doesn't login, cant figure out how to get a report generated with a print button

2) MDE: Pros, can do everything I need. Cons, need the access runtime, plus the user will be prompted to login

3) Custom VB App: This is just me throwing this out there...The DB right now is a frontend/backend MDE with the reports already created. Can I make an app that sits in the same directory as the DB, and when it launches, auto-login with the correct information and allow the user to create as many new records as they want? If so, can it also print off a report from the DB?

Just looking for ideas, throw 'em out if ya got any