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    Unanswered: probleeeem in my database :s

    I have two images, both are database feilds. and I want the thumbnails to show up when the form is opened
    , and when i click on it (using when-image-pressed trigger) the other picture (the bigger one)
    should be shown while the first one is vanished. this should work on all images.
    Let's call the first one (the thumbnails) "block.A" and the second one (big one) "block.B".
    I wrote in the when-image-pressed trigger of A:


    and the same thing I wrote for the big picture.
    Well, this worked but the problem i faced in this is: How to hide the thumbnail when the bigger one is shown...and vice versa
    I tried to followed the previous procedure by the following one:


    in case of A, and the opposite on in case of B. But this caused me an error (actually it has to cause an error while i'm
    trying to make the changes into the current desplayed item). I tried to use when-image-activated but it doesn't work,
    (actually i searched for when-image-activated function to discover that it fires when the user double-click on the image)!

    I thought of putting the big picture on a stacked-canvas but it's not allowed in my case as long as the data is put over
    a tab-canvas!

    I'm sure there's a way to make what i want (to hide the pictures) but i don't know how to, So if anyone has a way to do
    this please tell me. I really need it .



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    comooooon anybody HELLLLPPP

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