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    Unanswered: OO Theory Implemented in Access

    To all of you gurus out there....

    I am wondering how/if there is a way to simulate in VBA the same methodology in OOAD that will allow for abstract classes and subclasses to extend from them?

    First off, you may be asking your self, WTF, why do this in access, just bind everything to the forms etc... I am trying to write this DB in access such that migration over to .NET is going to be a fairly smooth transition and allow for the upgrading of the DB to either mySQL or MSSQL. So this OO stuff is quite critical in the solution.

    Here is the practical example of the problem...

    I have a measurement it contains some variables. ID, Owner, Description etc. A measurement can be captured any one of two ways. Either as a Benchmark or as a Goal. Each of which have different data that are gathered.

    My thoughts on this would be to create an abstract class called Measurement
    Store some variable that would be used by either a Goal measured Measurement or a Benchmark measured Measurement. Then create two other classes that would extend the Measurement class, but add their respective variables to be captured. Goal would have Delta, Goal, Result. Benchmark would have Numerator, Denominator, Comparator, Benchmark.

    Can I do this?

    Would friend be the same as extends?
    How do I make the abstract class?

    Am I making sense? Any ideas/suggestions anyone has to offer up would be greatly appreciated.

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    As fare as I am aware, although you can create classes (objects!) in VBA and VB6, I pretty sure they don't support inheritance which .NET does (and others like C++).

    So what you want to do would not seem to be possible.


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