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    Unanswered: 264: Could not write to a temporary file.

    Hi all,

    I have created a database in informix 9.4 IDS,it goes fine,
    Now when I tried to run a query which needs a lot of sorting,i hit this error:

    264: Could not write to a temporary file.

    131: ISAM error: no free disk space
    Error in line 8
    Near character position 17

    I checked my dbspaces and found there is no temp dbspace.

    Actually what is the problem and how can i solve this.
    I am very new to informix ,but have some exp in oracle,i belive both are almost same.

    Please assist
    Thanks and Regards

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    264: Could not write to a temporary file.


    I think the sort file is written to the /tmp directory or the Directory set by PSORT_DBTEMP. To avoid writing to these directories do the following.

    1) You can create new Temporary DBSPACE using onspaces -c -d tempdb -t
    -p Path/filename -o 0 -s Size in KB. You should create the filename before you run this command and set it owner to informix and permissions to 664.

    2) Add the newly created DBSPACE to the DBSPACETEMP Config Parameter in you ONCONIFG file which is located in you $INFORMIXDIR/etc directory and restart the Engine.


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