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    Question Unanswered: Warning by sqlserveragent


    I am getting the following warning message in the event viewer. I have only one schedule in sql. there is no other schedules in task scheduler or database management.

    Event Type: Warning
    Event Source: SQLSERVERAGENT
    Event Category: Job Engine
    Event ID: 208
    SQL Server Scheduled Job 'Transaction Log Backup Job for DB Maintenance Plan 'DB Maintenance Plan1'' (0xD25A4CDDD1C59E48B4D28F61F0A411B8) - Status: Failed - Invoked on: 2004-08-16 02:30:00 - Message: The job failed. The Job was invoked by Schedule 2 (Schedule 1). The last step to run was step 1 (Step 1).

    Kindly give the suggestions at earliest.

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    Ah, yet another completely worthless message from the Maintenance Plans. Go into the Maintenance Plans and see if you have a job setup to do transaction log backups. What's the one schedule you do have for?
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