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    Unanswered: ArcServe 2000 Job Engine Problems

    I am using ArcServe 2000 with a Fastore DLT tape library. We have had various problems but the most recent is that a job is active (it should have run two weeks ago) and although nothing is actually happening in the tape library it will not let me STOP or DELETE the job. When I view the properties of the job nothing is happening. How can I stop this Job. I have tried stopping and starting the services within ArcServe and through Windows 2000 Server without success.

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    Unhappy Can't stop active job

    did you solve the problem?
    I've got the same problem. There's an active job but nothing happens. When I try to stop the job a popup-box appears "Failed to stop this job". I also tried whiele running and stopped engines without success.

    Who can help?



    Windows 2000 Server - ARCServe 2000 - Sony DDS SDT-D11000

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