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    Hi all,
    Can anybody mail me full procedure to write a form to scan barcode using hand scanner in forms 6i.
    Kindly reply me

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    You, basically, don't need a procedure. Just create a field (input must be allowed) that is long enough to hold value read by a hand scanner.

    Of course, when you have that field populated, you can write a simple query to extract parts of it if necessary.

    For example, you read something like 0387779-23-08045.
    When you read this value from a document, it is stored into a field named PNB. Next, you'll do something like:
    :ID := SUBSTR(:pnb, 1, 7);
    :vk := SUBSTR(:pnb, 9, 2);
    :mmyy := SUBSTR(:pnb, 12, 4);
    :k := SUBSTR(:pnb, 16, 1);

    And that's it.
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