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    I have menu box set up to list the word put in a access field, but the records are listing from the last one first (when u select the down arrow it goes to the last word "youth" and the box pops up, not down). I am trying to get it to start at first word in the field and then u would scroll down to the bottom of the list. l tried to sort the db ascending and the dynamic text ascending but still list the same way. When u tests the dynamic text it shows the results in alphebitical order and test fine but when the page diplays it pops up and from the last result.

    I then wanted have a list menu with the same words and have select button to select the words and put them into a field list.There would be a field list to accept the words and a unselect button to delete them but i cant seem to get the button to select the button and the other to unselect. There would then be a search button to search the selected word. Not even sure where to start.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Your list box is probably popping up instead of down due to it's location on your web page....

    As for your other question, do you want to post the code so we can have a look?

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    The value for your select options may all be the same. Check the source of your compiled HTML page and see what values each option tag has.

    As for your second part, that sounds like JavaScript.

    Check out for some JavaScript code. It's not my site, but I've used some of his code for select box manipulations.
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