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    Unanswered: to_date and to_char problem?

    I have a PowerBuilder Report with Oracle 8 as the database. In the Front end, the user enters the start date and the end date and depending on these values, the report fetches the data from Oracle Tables.
    In the database, these dates are represented as Date, Length 7. It is represented as : 16-Aug-2004 in the table when I query it.

    THis is a part of the query which populates the report.

    sar_act_event.act_end_date = To_Date('08162004' , 'mmddyyyyhh') and sar_act_event.act_event_date = To_Date('09262004' , 'mmddyyyyhh')

    what happens now is something strange. The report shud fetch data between the date ranges. However, it wont until u change the query to :

    sar_act_event.act_end_date >= To_Date('08162004' , 'mmddyyyyhh') and sar_act_event.act_event_date = To_Date('09262004' , 'mmddyyyyhh')

    operand for the start date shud be >= and then it will fetch values.

    why will this not work for '=' ?

    Looks like the start date is taken as : 08162004000000 (mm/dd/yyyyhh24mi)
    what shud i do to change this?
    the end date works well with operand '='

    Also, I tried to manupulate and use to_char funtion. For this, the '=' works, but none of the other operands work...

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    Keep in mind that in Oracle "DATE" fields ALWAYS include a TIME element!
    Typically when all you are concerned about is the "date" portion TRUNC is used.
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    you are confusing WHAT YOU SEE with WHAT IS STORED in the DB.
    This is a common misconception regarding dates.
    When you select a date field all oracle shows you is whatever the NLS_DATE_FORMAT is set to.
    PHP Code:
    topicadm@Topic_Devselect sysdate from dual;

    /* does this mean Oracle doesn't know what TIME it is? no, this is just what we SEE */

    topicadm@Topic_Devalter session set NLS_DATE_FORMAT 'Mon dd yyyy HH24:MI';

    Session altered.

    topicadm@Topic_Devselect sysdate from dual;

    Aug 17 2004 14:42
    /* does this mean it is stored differently than above? NO. It is only displayed differently */ 
    for starters, your format field does not equal your data
    PHP Code:
    '08162004'  !=  'mmddyyyyhh' 
    all you list is month, day, year (no hours)

    as anacedent states, in reality I think you want to compare characters:
    PHP Code:
    (sar_act_event.act_end_date'MMDDYYYY') = '08162004' 
    the above would match every date entry with that DAY (regardless of time during that day) which is something to keep in mind. It is basically converting all entries on Aug 16, 2004. If you want to match to a date you need to specify exact date and time.

    It all depends on what you are trying to match:
    1. exact date and time
    2. any entries on that specific day
    3. any entries during that specific HOUR of day
    4. or whatever
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I tried trunc first and it worked.

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