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    I have a database that I designed for my users. Sql is the Engine and access is on the front end. I was wondering if there was a way to create a login screen, also if there was a way to create a filter that I can tie into some queries and reports. In Access you can put [] in the criteria area, type in the value and then you get that record/results. SQl server does not recognize this. What do I do, what would be the equivelant??
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    Access has its own security login system. To enable it, give the Admin user a password. If you want to auto load a welcome screen, create a macro called Autoexec and call your welcome screen from the macro. If you want to use Access’ [..] facility, use linked tables and do the query in Access. This will work fine for small tables but would be slow on large amounts of data because access will need to bring all the data across the network to query it. For big tables it is better to build a SQL query in access and use a pass-through query to execute the query on the server and send just the results back to Access.


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