MySQL 4.1.3b beta
MyODBC 3.51

I've built a number of tables with fields defined as Boolean. According to the MySQL docs, this should produce a boolean field in the database. But when I access the database via the MyODBC 3.51 driver, it reports that the fields are tinyint (ODBC datatype -6). Why is that?

Is it that MySQL really doesn't create booleans?
Is it that MyODBC 3.51 doesn't support booleans?
Will MyODBC 3.52 support them?
Is there a flag in either MySQL or MyODBC that causes the boolean types to be reported correctly?

Note that, in PostgreSQL, there is a flag in pgodbc that toggles the treatment of booleans. I'm hoping for something similar here.

Thanks in advance,

Todd Grigsby