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    Unanswered: setting up login approval

    I'm setting up a registration/login page using ASP requiring a valid username and password that matches with a corresponding entry in the db.

    In the db I will have fields for username and password, but I'm not sure how I would setup a field for approving or denying access to a specific user. I was looking for any input on how to achieve this?

    I would also like to include a field for different access level. For example, one for administrator and one for general access that I could set in the db.

    Any suggestions on how to accomplish this in the db design would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You must realize that setting up security within the same database you wish to secure, is not at all secure. If the data needs to be secured on a serious level, then check out Access security using an .mdw security scheme. Be aware that this is very complex and you can lock yourself out.

    Having said that, you need one table which holds the usernames, passwords and permissions and you need to define each user level as to what they can, or cannot do. These can be assigned to public variables. Then you can create a login screen which queries the security table and sets the values of these variables.

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