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    Unanswered: PC-NUKE! - The Power of the Nuke without the Radiation.

    Found this PHP CMS Portal, installed it, it has many add-ons included in it and seems to work very well.

    PC-NUKE! is a php Content Management System, or Web Portal system. PC-NUKE! believes most people want to use their websites, not be in the continuous process of working on the software they created their sites with. We've researched, and tested many portal softwares, including most of the addons. This process took time, downloading, installing, seeing if they worked right. Most addons didn't work because the versions they're designed for, aren't made for the newest version of the software currently available. We've included more "working" add-ons in this version. It's a complete package. PC-NUKE! also has free video tutorials for its members to view in the forum, such topics as: Installing an Apache server, or installation of the Pc-Nuke! CMS program. Download it and Add-ons at:

    Download Location:
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