We recently migrated an application database, about 12GB in size from a standalone SQL Server 2000 environment to an Active/Passive cluster configuration. For some reason a job (Run from a Cognos job server) that took 30 mins to run on the standalone environment, now takes over 3 hours on the clustered environment. The database data and log segments are on a Clariion SAN Raid Array (as they were on the stanalone system).

The system/database settings are virtually identical (except for cluster related settings). Running a generated sql file (from the job server) from a native osql session is fine. Is is possible that the NT Cluster Name vs SQL Cluster Name (cannot have same name for both) is presenting a problem to the client/job server ? I'm stumped. Native sql connections seem fine, from the localhost and remote hosts. What other layers are introduced for db connection on Cluster vs. standalone ?