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    Unanswered: Profile seems inactive

    I set up a profile like the following:

    Name: expire_profile
    Connect Time (minutes): 30
    Idle Time (minutes): 1

    and then created a user:

    create user test_expire identified by test
    profile expire_profile;
    grant create session to test_expire;

    Neither did the user get kicked off of being idle for up to 10 minutes, but they've been logged into SQL Plus for 50+ minutes now without being terminated - meaning, I can run 'SELECT USER FROM DUAL' and still get results. Does the profile need to be enabled or something?


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    Did you set RESOURCE_LIMIT=TRUE in your init.ora ?
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    You can set the parameter without having to go into the init.ora file - this saves you having to stop & restart the Db:

    Alter system set resource_limit=true;
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