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    Unanswered: tablespace recovery


    I have full offline db backup on tsm server. This is 4 logical nodes on ver 8.1 aix 5.3 setup. The nodes are 0,1,2,3 with 0 being the cataloge node.

    The tablespace I want to recover is on nodes 1,2,3

    Do I have to recover on node 0 also along with node 1,2,3 ?

    How do I give restore command and on what node/nodes so that the tablespace can be recovered from full db offline backup.

    Thanks for help.


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    This is what I can recollect.

    1. restore the tablespaces either from the full backup or from the tablespace backup.restore command will be run only on the nodes where the tablespace resides.

    2.after the tablespace restored it is always in rollforward state.

    3. apply the rollforward at the catalog node.



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