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    Unanswered: admin tool for Digital Unix


    somebody know how call the admin tool for Digital Unix,
    for example:

    IBM-AIX: smit
    HP-UX: sam
    SCO-Unix: scoadmin


    Diego Cazares

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    not solution but some help.

    I did not heard about digital unix. But here is some tips from other systems.
    You can try: admintool or sysadmin

    You can use bourne shell ( by typing bash) and after switching to bash by typing a letter and pressing tab 2 or 3 times at the console you can see the available commands that you can run. I sometimes use this to remember useful admin commands.

    Why not you try it too.
    Dont forget to read the manual pages before running any command.

    As I said before this is not a solution to your problem, but if I have the same problem, I try this way to solve it.

    Good luck.


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