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    Unhappy Unanswered: modify sql command in report at runtime not in external code

    hi there.

    I need to change my sql command depending on a parameter that i receive in my report. i can't change the code section made in java because i have only one which calls all my reports depending on some parameters.

    For example. in this sql:

    select field1, field2 from mytab where col3 = param1 and col4 = param2

    i need to add another and depending on this param. The param is the sql code to add for example the param could be: ' and col5 = 34 '

    I will appreciete any help. thank you

    I have a variable number of parameters so i can't use something as passing two parameters and make a fork of sql code depending on one of them.

    Thank you again
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    as i see that nobody knows how to make what i was thinking to ...

    Do you know the way to change the sql contained in the report with java code and ras 9 java api?

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