good day.
i worked for 4 years on asp with windows 98 with access 97.i learned how to connect the odbc and how to write the sql querry string in the asp files.
i received information from database and insert into database.
since i climbed to windows 2000 professional and xp professional i don't know how to connect the odbc from the asp files to the access 2002.
including the sql string in the asp file.
i used the "old" file i receive information but not! when i try to connect to database.
i tried with the :
set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.connection")
set rs=server.CreateObject ("adodb.recordset")
conn.Open "10"
conn.Execute("Insert Into [10] ([one],[two],[three],[four],[five],[six],[seven],[eight],[nine],[ten])Values('"&rfarr(1)&"','"&rfarr(2)&"','"&rfarr(3)& "','"&rfarr(4)&"','"&rfarr(5)&"','"&rfarr(6)&"','" &rfarr(7)&"','"&rfarr(8)&"','"&rfarr(9)&"','"&rfar r(10)&"');")
set conn=nothing
and if i put the display (response.write)
to see all numbers i'll see them but the database will not be oppened and nothing will be write into.