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    Unanswered: Restore problem in DB2

    I have a problem and I believe is very simple but is something missing in my knoledgments.
    I migrate an sql server database to db2.
    I start working with db2 for about 2-3 months and I am very new in administering problems.
    I installed another server in another location. IN the old location I have my database which I intented to move in the new location (the new server).
    I made a backup.
    Now I want to restore using this backup in the new location (and the new server). I don't know how.
    In SQL Server if I have a backup I can restore everywhere I want. Generally i create a new empty database and restore the backup into the new empty database. Another possibility is to restore the database and the database will be restored with the original name.
    I try the same in Control Center but I don't know what is my mistake. If I try to to use create database from backup the "database being restored" give me the possibility to choose among the existing databases. But all I have is a full backup.
    Can you tell me please what to do?
    Thanks in advanced.

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    Error message in restore

    I try to use this syntax but I receive the error "the adress of the "piTImestamp" parameter is not valid. The adress of the backup in the new machine is the same with the adress in the machine the backup was taken.
    THis is the syntax:
    db2 restore db johnny from C:\DB2\Backup taken at 20040819160514.001

    Can you tell me what is wrong?

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    Try this.
    db2 restore db johnny from C:\DB2\Backup taken at 20040819160514


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