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    Question Unanswered: 4js DISPLAY COLUMN DATA IN A COMBOBOX

    HI, I'm using 4gl with th 4js graphic compiler and I'm trying to fill a combo box with data coming from the DB, the thing is that it seems impossible
    to pass a variable to the form.

    f008 = rhpais.nb_pais, WIDGET = "COMBO", COMMENT="Pais de Procedencia", INCLUDE = (elementos);

    Where elementos is string like this : ""ONE", "TWO", "THREE""

    Thank you
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    Thumbs up Combo Box

    Si hablas espanol (creo) trata de editar el /etc/informix/fglprofile, en la cabecera hay 2 lineas que apuntan a archivos que estan en la ruta antes indicada. En este momento no recuerdo el nombre de estos archivos, pero son algo pareciados a "fgl2c", revisalos en la ruta y cambialos, no necesitas compilar, este cambio permite utilizar COMBOBOX, pero lo malo es que a la vez cambia en algo la presentacion de la forma.

    Por cierto,
    Hi, my name is Rodney Cruz I'm from Ecuador southamerica, but
    right now I' m living in Miami, Flo., I have an Integrated System with over
    400 programs and 1200 forms and graphics developed in 4J's, oriented to
    Accounting Module and Billing and Part' s Moduless.
    This is the tech info.

    Ver. Products 4J's & Informix
    Version 4J' s 3.10
    Version WTK 2.01
    Version Informix DB 7.31
    Version 4GL 7.30 UD7

    The software is allready compiled in 4GL and 4J' s.

    I'm interesting in a partnertship with another developer. I have almost
    4 weeks in Miami. I talk spanish.

    Anl. Rodney Cruz

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