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    Unanswered: Help with list box.

    Hey guys I am trying to create a form where I put all a persons information.
    The problem I am having is I am trying to make drop down boxes for certain fields like Sex, Race, Hair Style, Hair Length, Hair Color etc. Isnt there a easy way to do this. I thought there was a way where you just edited a line in the text box properties, like "Male","Female"

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    What you are wanting to do is use a lookup field that is linked to a table with the different information.

    Have you used lookup fields before? Its pretty easy... you can just follow the wizard. Let me know how you turn out.

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    Yes there is and here is how you can modify your form. As a sample we will do the Sex TextBox field.

    1) Place the form into Design view.
    2) Click on the Sex TextBox so it is highlighted with the sizing control.
    3) From the main menu, select Format | Change To | Combo Box.
    4) Open the properties wiindow for the now ComboBox Control.
    5) Select the Data tab in the propties window.
    6) Locate the Row Source Type property and change it to Value List.
    7) In the Row Source property enter: "Male";"Female";"Both"
    8) Make sure the Bound Column property is set to 1.
    9) Now select the Format tab in the properties window.
    10) Make sure the Column Count property is set to 1

    Save and Run your Database.

    There ya go.

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