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    Unanswered: newbie question: multiple and deduct data retrieved from subform

    I have a main form named product with 3 subform: Initialstock, take in, take out
    I created a text box named "remained" in mainform and want to sum the Initialstock with take in, and then deduct the take out by this:
    =InventorySubform!initialstock+SubDelivery!shiped-[Stockout Subform]!out

    but it not works. could you tell me in detail the way to solve it. thanks
    I post my file for you for reference.
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    Okay....I'll brave this one...and to make it all as quick and painless as I can...Use this line instead of yours.

    =([Forms]![products]![InventorySubform]![Initialstock]+[Forms]![products]![SubDelivery]![shiped])-[Forms]![products]![Stockout Subform]![out]

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