I'm using DB2 v8.1 under Linux/slackware 10
I want to import the spatial data of europe that is on the first data and maps cd of IBM DB2.
I can import all data (MJWater, roads, places,...) except when I want to import country (doesn't matter if it is the country under demogrph or basemap) with following command:
db2 "call db2gse.ST_import_shape('/opt/IBMdata/europe/basemap/country' ,NULL, 'WGS84_SRS_1003',NULL, 'b_country' ,NULL,NULL,NULL, 'geometry' ,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL, NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL, '/tmp/IBMerror' ,?,?)"

following error is thrown:
SQL1224N A database agent could not be started to service a request, or was
terminated as a result of a database system shutdown or a force command.

In the log-file (/tmp/IBMerror) I can read:
Created successfully table "BART "."B_COUNTRY" to import data into.

Start importing of 50 rows into table "BART "."B_COUNTRY"...

Using 50 rows per single INSERT statement.

Anyone an idea?